Amazon Parrots – The Popular Parrot Species


Amazon parrots include 27 different species of parrot with habitats from South America, through Mexico and some areas of the Caribbean. Some species are on the brink of extinction, but there are many species that are popular companion parrots and readily available as captive-bred, healthy pets. Prices can vary widely based on where you purchase an Amazon parrot, but you can expect to pay in the range of $400 to $1,800 for a pet Amazon.


A Smart Budgie Bird

Amazon budgie or parrots can be quite talented at making human sounds and imitating other sounds they hear in their environment. They are considered to have the most probability of learning to create human speech after the very talkative African Grey parrots. However, there is never any guarantee that any parrot of any species will learn to talk. A great deal of whether a parrot will talk or not has to do with their owner’s ability to consistently train them, as well as that specific parrot’s innate ability. Males are more likely to speak then females, but there are plenty of female Amazon parrots with vocabularies of hundreds of words. Amazons are quite intelligent and may learn to use words in proper context to truly communicate with their humans.

Amazon parrots are very intelligent creatures, operating on about the level of a three- to four-year old human child. They are social creatures, very playful and energetic and desire to be the center of attention. They can be a bit moody at times, especially adult birds during the spring and summer months when hormones are raging during the breeding season. This is true even for single parrots that have no mates and only a human flock to interact with them. They can also be quite stubborn, jealous, and sometimes irritable. These birds can also become so bonded to a single person that they will attack all others unless care is taken in their training and family interaction. They have a strong bite, making them less than perfect parrots for homes with young children.

The Best Amazon Cockatiel

The best Amazon parrots or cockatiel for pets are those that bond with humans early in life. If an Amazon parrot is handled by humans before it is weaned it doesn’t have to be hand-fed to make a great companion. In fact, often hand-fed babies develop personality problems unless they were carefully socialized. Too often, parrots that are hand-fed and placed back into their incubators, such as parrots that are raised in commercial breeding facilities, will become feather pluckers or very emotionally needy as they grow up.

It is also true that Amazon parrots can be quite loud at times. There is no parrot that can ever be expected to be totally silent; parrots make noise. But Amazons have a loud voice and they will tend to use it when they do not get their way or when they hear their favorite person but can not see them. It is not uncommon for an Amazon owner to hear their parrot a block away! If you live in a tiny apartment with thin walls, this might not be the parrot for you.


The Amazon parrots can also be some of the most loving parrot around. If they are raised in a gentle home with lots of love and trained to understand the basic manners commands, they can make great companions. They are not for everyone, however. Before you decide you want to own an Amazon parrot, study the species carefully and visit several different parrots in various settings. Do not purchase an Amazon parrot as an impulse purchase. Too many parrots are already in shelters because someone purchased them without knowing what to expect and learned they couldn’t live with the bird happily. Don’t let this happen to you and an Amazon parrot.