DOG AND CAT TOYS | Creative Homemade DIY


How to Make Dog and Cat Toys

I’m going to show you how to make your own cat and dog toys. Now cat and dog toys as you know from the pet store can be very very expensive, and it seems insane to buy them. When your pet is happier actually the things that you can make at home from old discarded things that would normally to the landfill. So here’s what we’re going to do.


First Thing Cat’s Toy

This in my mind is the best cat toy in the world it is made from a old hanger a wire hanger. I took it apart, I kept one end of it looped and then the two ends that was sharp. I wrapped some electrical tape very tightly all around so that I’m not going to hurt myself and neither is my child who likes to play with the cat. Now over the loop to end I simply looped some little strings of yarn a brightly colored yarn. So that’s the cat toys so we’ve just got an old wire hanger yarn on the end and you get that nice flicking motion because the wire hanger cats love it.

Now Let’s Make Dog’s Toy

So dogs; big dogs, small dogs puppies whatever they all love this, get an old inner tube from kitchen towel kitchen roll or you can use an old toilet roll to get some cellophane paper because it’s got that nice crinkle stop the tube with it like so now I’m going to put some masking tape on either end because I don’t want him to actually get that out him or her to get the cellophane out and then the other thing that you want to do, is to wrap some tape around, and actually you can sort of wrap it around the whole thing so that you get a nice sort of tubular toy going like so so that’s it that’s for a bigger dog. I made this one here for a smaller dog to other really great toys an old water bottle fill it with kibble or dog treats throw it to the dog they will spend I was trying to get that out and probably won’t be able to and finally another really good toy is get a peanut butter jar an old one that still got the remnants and peanut butter in it threw it on the floor and they’ll spend ages trying to look out that peanut butter. so these are perfect, perfect dog toys. Let’s put them to the test so remember you can always do it yourself and do it gorgeously.