Elephants: The Animal with Super Intelligent and Affectionate Creatures


Smart and Loving Animals

Elephants are highly intelligent creatures.They have the largest brain of any land animal. Elephants have three times as many neurons as humans.This explain why they demonstration high level of intelligent. They have a very large and highly complex neocortex. A trait also shared by humans, other apes and dolphins.


Elephants can tell the difference between human languages and recognize languages that belong to people with a history of hurting elephants. If they hear a language from someone who is more likely to pose a threat.

The elephants switch into defensive mode. They also know when to come to humans for help and can find us even over long distances.

Have Complex Social Behavior

Elephants also exhibit complex social behavior. Their families can only be separated by death or capture because elephants are so closely knit and highly matriarchal. A family can be devastated by the death of another. A mother whose calf just died will distance herself from the group to grieve. Elephants bury their dead and mourn them afterwards. They also bury the remains of other animals.

Friendly Animals

Elephants have been observed comforting one another when distressed. They stroke one another with their trunks and emit small chirps. They can also understand human pointing without any training. The baby suck their trunks for comfort, just like human babies suck their thumb. Elephants often form close bonds with companions and can recognize them even after long periods of separation.

These unique animals have been known to use sticks to stratch themselves, during an intelligence test employing food rewards. Elephants found shortcuts that not even researchers had throught of.

Strong and Formidable Swimmer

They are also excellent swimmers, swim submerged underwater using their trunks as snorkels. African Elephants have been recorded swimming 48 km or 30 mill. They can swim 6 hours nonstop then rest without sinking.