Macaws – The Colorful Parrots


Macaws are beautiful birds that can be wonderful companion parrots. It is hard to resist these comical, colorful parrots species that are simply full of personality. They have been kept as companions for centuries. In the United States, it is documented that Pueblo Indians have these prized parrot as far back as 1100 A.D.


If you are considering adding a macaw to your live, keep in mind this is a really big decision. These parrots are highly intelligent and require a lot of time and care from their human flock. They also require study, safe cages for the time that you can’t be there to supervise them outside the cage. They can be noisy and therefore may not be the best choice for apartment dwellers who want to add a parrot to their lives.

For those that can provide the right home for a macaw, the hardest part of the decision is choosing which macaw species to own. Macaws are not inexpensive; even the small species cost several hundred dollars and the large Hyacinth Macaw, an absolutely gorgeous parrot, can cost as much as $25,000! You also have to provide a large, sturdy cage for your macaw, and this is another large expense.

You’ll need to provide veterinary care as needed with at least one check-up per year, as well as food and lots of toys which will almost immediately be destroyed by the large, strong beak. But any happy macaw owner will tell you it is well worth every cent of the cost to be loved by one of these magnificent, elegant feathered creatures.

Just about everyone loves the beautiful blue and gold macaws. These birds are commonly seen the companion parrot market and they adapt to live with humans quite easily. These big birds have three color variations, all of which are mainly blue and gold but with slightly different patterns. Popular macaws consist of Greenwing macaw, Hyacinth macaw, Military macaw and Hahn’s macaw. More information, check the pictures bellow.

These are only a few of the many species of macaws. Before you consider purchasing a macaw, do your homework about the species you are considering. Take into account the needs of the parrot as well as your needs before making your decision about whether you can fit a macaw into your life successfully. There are too many macaws in parrot rescue centers waiting to be placed in loving homes because people purchase these beauties without thinking through the commitment of taking home a parrot that can live for many decades.

If you can give a macaw a loving, caring, safe, and healthy home, you’ll have a cuddly friend for live. You might even consider looking into adopting a macaw that needs to be re-homed as an option. This can save you a great deal of the cost of purchase but does require that you invest some time working with parrots and submit to a screening process. It is well worthwhile to have the satisfaction of having a macaw that needs a loving home come to love you and your family.