Parrot Names


Parrot Names – If you are adding a parrot to your household, you’ll need to think of parrot names to consider for your new feathered pal. Some people name their birds based on their colors or species. Others choose named based on where the species comes from. Still others simply select a name they have always liked and use that. A parrot will learn its name with surprising quickness. It won’t be long before you new parrot knows that when you say that word, you are talking about him or her!


If you can’t think of a good name for your parrot, you’ll find lists of parrot names on the Internet that can help you. You can also choose to wait a few days and you will probably find yourself addressing the parrot with some loving word which can easily become a great name for it. Many parrots are named Angel, Precious, Baby, Prince, Big Bird, and similar names and these names were often chosen exactly this way.

Frequently, parrots that are brightly colored, such as lovebirds, sun conures, blue and gold macaws, and others get their names from their colorful plumage. Many sun conures are named Sunshine, Sundance, Sunny, Mango, Pepper, or Goldie. Many lovebirds are named Peaches or Lemon for their feather colors. It is not uncommon to find blue and gold macaws that are named Goldie or Bluebell. Angel, Powderpuff, Cotton, and China are common names for white birds such as albino parakeets, white cockatoos, and cockatiels. Smokey or Cocoa are common names for African Grey parrots.

The Australian parrots, including cockatoos, budgies (parakeets), and cockatiels are often named for cities in Australia. Sydney, Queenie (for Queensland), Alice (for Alice Springs), and other names that have to do with the location of the bird’s ancestors are quite common. Congo African Greys are often named Congo for the region from which this species hails.

If you want your parrot to learn to speak its name, it is best to choose a simple name. A long, complex name could be difficult for the parrot to learn and pronounce. One lady named her budgie Perihelion because she was studying astronomy at the time. Of course, the budgie never learned to say this long, complex word. However, once it earned the nickname of Cosmo and was called “Coz” for short, it learned to speak the word quickly. Select a name that does not have many syllables. Of course, some talented talkers can learn to say extremely complex phrases, but you probably will not know the level of talent your parrot has at the point at which you want to select the parrot’s name.

One of the parrot names used frequently is Pete or Petey; Repeat is another common name. Honestly, your parrot will not care what name you select for it as long as you speak that name in a loving, calm, soothing tone of voice. Parrots want to have your attention and interact with you every day, as much of the day as possible. Choose the name based on your personal preference because you’ll find yourself saying the name for many years to come if you provide a safe, healthy home for your feathered friend.